Competition Reimagined

You need an ice-breaker? A fast-paced contest for 500 participants? Or something even bigger, like a game show?

With the cloud-based Duelbox platform, you can create the most amazing contests at events.


We have everything for a successful contest.

  • Ready-to-go digital games
  • Use with your offline games
  • No download needed​
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced online scoring
  • Fully brandable

See How to Level Up!

Ice-breaking Games ➜

Ice-breaker games for your meeting and larger corporate event. Find some ice-breaker ideas for your event, that you can play with Duelbox.

Team Building Games ➜

Duelbox can help with its precise real-time digital scoring system and fancy online activities to bring your team building to the next level!

Contest Games ➜

A contest is an ideal entertainment at your events. With Duelbox, you can make an awesome contest about a given theme or topic.

Involve the Audience!

While classic game show solutions can be played by 2-10 participants, Duelbox can involve the whole audience to be players! They can play along with the players on stage, choose who advances to the next round, make decisions on the flow of the game, etc…

Duelbox Works for You

Team Builders    Trainers    Event Organizers
Activities bank

Lots of digital activities to choose from. Ice breakers, Quiz games, Polls, Game show elements, etc. Choose the most fitting ones!

Pretty & Customizable

Duelbox is stunningly beautiful. Plus you can customize the look & feel to make your brand shine througout your event. 

Easy to Use

Easy for you to set up your show, easy for the participants to use it. Plus we have an outstanding customer support team for you.

Everything at your hand

Easy to use Dashboard for controlling every aspects of the show

You can prepare and configure the contest in the Dashboard, also, during the event, you can control everything from here.

The Big Screen gives the wow factor with its stunning visuals and animations.

Use a large TV screen, a projector or even an LED wall.

The participants can use their phones to join the contest. Or you can use tablets in the finals.

No download required, just a browser + internet access.

Already with us

Premium features on all plans

  • Up to 3 days
  • Up to 1000 participants
  • Unlimited usage
  • Custom Branding

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30 day money-back guarantee

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