Single Player Quiz

Play quiz in solo mode. Set the scoring then test the knowledge of the players.

We all know, what Quiz means in real life but when talking about Single Player Quiz, it’s almost the same, except a slight difference: the participants play against the “computer” not the others. Using Duelbox Single Player Quiz module, participants can answer questions on their smart devices during the event. In addition to answering the questions correctly, you can also set a time limit, speed or other options to determine a winner. Having a winner or a winning team always promotes healthy competition and will boost the motivation of the audience.


  • Participants can start playing whenever they want
  • Unlimited questions
  • Multiple game modes
  • Advanced scoring features
  • Results automaticaly displayed at the end
  • Export results from dashboard
  • Remote playing is available

No credit card needed


This jig substitutes paper-based scoring of the jury by offering a simple interface to give

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